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Booth 1247

10 rue Duke
Montreal, Quebec H3C 2L7 CANADA
+1.514.393.1616 Phone
+1.514.393.0110 Fax


Discreet. As our name suggests, our products don't attract attention to themselves. What attracts attention is what our customers create with them. For example, our products can be seen by watching network television and feature films like The Matrix, and by playing Quake. Or, truth be told, our products can't be seen - in fact, not at all. But that's the whole idea. Discreet is a leader in integrated digital content creation, management and distribution tools - tools that liberate talent - and has been since the early '90s. We develop systems & software for visual effects, 3D animation, editing and production - crucial to the creation of digital moving pictures in feature films, video, HDTV, broadcast graphics, interactive games and the web. Discreet products are used extensively in film and video post-production, games, animation and multimedia, television programming, and news & event coverage - onscreen, onair and online. Discreet, a division of Autodesk, was established in 1999 after Autodesk acquired Discreet Logic Inc. and merged its operations with Kinetix®. Autodesk is the world's leading design and digital content creation resource. The company provides software and Internet portal services to help customers drive business through the power of design. One of the largest software companies in the world, Autodesk helps more than 4 million customers in over 150 countries turn designs into reality. We love what we do - provide professional creative tools to creative professionals. But even more exciting to us is what our customers do - create whole new worlds. In under ten years we've become old hands at new methods. Discreetly. discreet onscreen onair online™


2D Graphics
3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Broadcast Design Software
Business and Financial Graphics
Desktop Video Production Software
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Paint Systems
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Visual Effects Software
Web 3D

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