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pmG Worldwide, LLC

Booth 611

7047 Alvern Street, Suite C213
Los Angeles, California 90045 USA
+1.310.342.0077 Phone
+1.310.642.1029 Fax


pmG Worldwide, LLC is dedicated to being the world's best at developing and marketing multi-media entertainment and user-friendly software that allows film and visual effects studios and individuals to be more productive and to express their creativity. project:messiah 1.5 is the award winning 3D character animation software package that was developed for digital artists in a production environment; it combines the very latest in power, speed and interactive 3D graphics. messiah:animate 3.0 incorporates all the features of project:messiah 1.5 with many additional advancements, including a powerful SDK, and an even faster interface, making it one of the most effective and efficient 3D programs in the industry. In addition to fast radiosity and high quality global illumination, messiah:render features caustics, volumetric lights that are accurate to real world conditions, soft shadows, efficient rendering of dense polygon scenes without a proportionally linear increase in render time, and luminous objects that not only glow but actually give off light. messiah:studio combines messiah:animate 3.0 and messiah:render with additional surfacing capabilities, to create a complete animation and rendering solution.


3D Graphics
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Visual Effects Software

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