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12, avenue Raspail
Gentilly, 94250 FRANCE
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Bionatics is the technological leader in virtual plants modeling. Bionatics develops professional cutting-edge applications for the needs of computer graphics professionals and animators, architects, real-time 3D database providers, landscape designers, land planners urban planners. Bionatics offers to the very first and largest on-line virtual plant library. Whatever the professional field, Bionatics brings down all the common issues currently faced by computer graphics' professionals regarding the 3D modeling and the setting up of virtual landscape. Bionatics owns a revolutionary and innovative technology : AMAPô. Using the result of 25 years of CIRAD's research in botanic and agronomy, Bionatics' products have the ability to read the plants' genetic codes while providing virtual models of trees or landscape with a coherent botanical shape. Bionatics' plants grow up in time. They are reliable, varied, realistic, easy to create and animate. They give access to life-like virtual models that simulate with great realism a project's evolution through space and time. The AMAP technology opens a wide range of applications for which Bionatics develops a new generation of tailored solutions. NatFX : the dynamic plant modeler solution for computer graphics professionnals. EASYNat : the user friendly and life-like plant modeler solution for architects. REALnat : the optimized plant modeler solution for real-time 3D database providers.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Architecture Applications
Digital Imaging
Engineering Applications
Geographic Information Systems-HW
Graphics Standards Software
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Scientific Application
VR Software
Visual Effects Software

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