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EON Reality, Inc.

Booth 1767

31 Technology Drive West
Irvine, California 92618 USA
+1.949.585.1690 Phone
+1.949.585.1697 Fax


EON Studio is an authoring tool for developing interactive 3D applications. With EON Studio, users of all experience levels can quickly and easily build complex high-quality interactive applications. EON Server can be used to stream fully interactive objects into running EON applications. Single object or model publishing is free with EON. EON has a Graphical User Interface based web publisher makes it easy to embed EON applications with rich communication to web pages. Re-usable content where changes can be implemented with the click of a mouse compared with costly changes using linear media such as video. Compact file format due to proprietary compression algorithms and subdivision technology. Deployment capability allows applications to be distributed over the Internet or stand-alone on a CD-ROM. Applications can also be integrated in other tools that support Microsoft's ActiveX technology (PowerPoint, Word, Macromedia Authorware, Director, Shockwave, Visual Basic etc). Real Time High Quality Rendering features including antialiasing, transparency, environment mapping, lightmaps, shading, reflections, shadows, etc. Import formats include: STL, 3D Studio, ArchiCAD, VRML2 (incl. keyframes), DXF and LightWave. Textures are converted to suitable formats including jpeg. Over 100 nodes with functionality such as motion models, sensors, operations, showroom, special FX, etc. Script node using Java-script or VB-script enhance the functionality of EON Studio. Integration capability with other standard software such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Macromedia Director, Shockwave, Flash, PowerPoint, Word, and Visual Basic. Training features include, nodes for assembly/disassembly, instructions in text, audio and evaluation of performance. Collision detection and rigid body dynamics module. Small component based plug-in architecture.


3D Graphics
Architecture Applications
Authoring Software
Engineering Applications
Multimedia Tools and Applications
VR Software
Web 3D
Web Graphics

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