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Biomorph Interactive Desk

Booth 1861

11 Broadway, Room 1010
New York, New York 10004 USA
+1.212.809.4323 Phone
+1.212.809.4324 Fax


The hallmark characteristics of the Biomorph line -- adjustable surfaces, integration of technology, comfort edges, mobility, and optional customization -- all lead to increased flexibility that responds to today's workplace needs. Central to the line are the patented, crescent-shaped worksurface designs, which are the result of extensive research and development. The surfaces are precision crafted from natural wood products and beautifully finished with a durable clearcoat or painted finish. Distinguishing Biomorph products is the option to custom manufacture for the client, offering a choice of surface finishes along with size and function modifications beyond the standard line. Biomorph desks feature rock-solid steel frames that are manufactured in Denmark, a leader in efficient engineering. Because Biomorph desks are stand-alone units and can be fully mobile, they can be re-configured at a moments notice, requiring minimal installation and virtually no maintenance. The four basic Biomorph models represent a starting point from which to grow a highly flexible work environment that maximizes floor space and user needs, by combining them with Biomorph extension worksurfaces and storage options.



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