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PatternComputing Ltd

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Chapel House
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UK based PatternComputing PLC has developed and patented breakthrough technology for lossless extraction of structure from high dimensional, combinatorial data. The technology allows solutions to be found to a number of formerly intractible commercially significant problems. The company has three group companies focused to bioinformatics (high speed discovery of long range relationships in combinatorial genetic and other data), biometrics (automatic detection and tracking of persons on the basis of their 3D face/body print); and multimedia (automatic unconstrained 3D reconstruction, characterisation, manipulation and tracking of multimedia content). At Siggraph 2001 the company will show new technology for fully automatic unconstrained face capture using a conventional webcam plus laptop plus emerging technology for fully automatic readvertising (monitoring and object replacement in live video footage). The company operates a custom applications development and licensing business. It does not sell its own software.


3D Graphics
Architecture Applications
Artificial Intelligence
Computer-Video Interfacing
Data Analysis
Desktop Video Production Software
Digital Imaging
Image Based Modeling
Image Management
Industrial Design
Mapping and Cartography
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Application
Video Encoding and Compression
VR Software
Visual Effects Software
Web 3D

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