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2861 Seattle Drive
Los Angeles, California 90046 USA
+1.323.850.5802 Phone
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Designed with you in mind. PEGS is the groundbreaking 2D animation production software which digitizes the entire post-paper animation production process from scanning to delivery. Running on NT platform and SGI stations, PEGS has revolutionized the world of animation production. Currently used by more than 100 studios worldwide and with over 2000 hours of animation series and 10 feature films, PEGS puts YOU in control of the animation process. Created in a production environment by a team committed to making the process run faster, better, and more efficient, PEGS is easily accessible to production companies, industry artists, and technicians. PEGS is a fully integrated software, intended for animated series, web productions, commercials, feature films, and multi-media applications. PEGS gives you the power: Easily accessible to artists, production companies, and technicians: - Both vector and pixel based system; - All complex camera movements; - Powerful pegs motion and automatic multi-plane; - User-friendly animated effects (open filter architecture including motion blur, backlight, auto-highlights and shadows, drop shadow…); - Powerful interactive compositing; - Real-time color preview; - Full sound integration. Smarter, Faster, and more Efficient! An interactive and automotive system with the ability to: - Fast inking with auto-feed scanners; - Semi-automatic painting: automatic detection of majority of colors from previous cells; - Full recording management; - Multiple output format supported (Web, video, 35mm, HDTV, Quick Time, image files). PEGS 3.2 Features Include: - Scan & Line test; - Pixel & Vector Painting; - Intuitive Exposure Sheet; - Compositing & Special Effects; - Real-time Color Preview; - Recording & Data Management; - Full NT / UNIX Environment Support.


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