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Hewlett-Packard Company

Booth 1135

700 71st Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80634 USA
+1.970.350.5948 Phone
+1.970.350.5969 Fax


When your work involves 3D animation, modeling and special effects, your performance is your art. And your art has to perform because your reputation is on the line. You need to make the most of the latest tools and features, work faster on more complex models, deliver higher-quality realism or surrealism, and finish on time. And hp’s performance and reliability are exactly what you need because an hp visualize workstation is body armor for your reputation. Great graphics, the latest Intel® Pentium® III processors, HP-engineered reliability, and at a price you can afford.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Authoring Software
Broadcast Design Software
Computer-Video Interfacing
Desktop Video Production Software
Commercial Game Engines
Geographic Information Systems-HW
Graphics Accelerator Boards
Industrial Design
Motion Capture Software
Networking Infrastructure
Rendering and Modeling
Visual Effects Software
Digital Cameras
Digital Video Hardware
Graphics Accelerator Boards-HW
Haptic Input Devices
Motion Capture Equipment
Mobile Computing
Monitors and Displays
Networking Equipment
Printers and Plotters
RAID Systems and Storage
Storage Devices; Tape/Disk
Terminals, Monitors and Displays

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