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Elumens Corporation

Booth 801

1100 Crescent Green, Suite 211
Cary, North Carolina 27511 USA
+1.919.816.8787 Phone


Elumens Corportion, Cary, N.C., helps its customers visualize their bright ideas dimensionally. A world leader in advanced projection and visualization technology, Elumens develops and delivers easy-to-use solutions that make the proper comunication and presentation of digital information possible. Examples of digital media are 3D graphics, video, computer-aided design, real-time applications and animation. Key applications for Elumens technology are found in military simulation and training, architecture and space design, as well as governmental, law enforcement, medical, reconnaissance and computer-aided engineering. Elumens Vision Series comprises a family of portable, cost effective, single-projector display systems for a practical way to view 3D computer graphics content. The technologies are totally scalable, with award-winning VisionStations available in 1.5- and 3-meter sizes to suit the customer's facilities and audience requirements up to five people. The 4-meter VisionDome 4 and 5-meter VisionDome 5 accommodate as many as 10 and 35 viewers. TruTheta spherical imaging technology has been developed to maximize the impact of data used for the purposes of visualization.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Architecture Applications
Computer-Video Interfacing
Graphic Design Systems
Information Visualization
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Digital Video Hardware
Graphics Accelerator Boards-HW
High Resolution Technologies
Monitors and Displays
Multimedia Tools and Applications-HW
Terminals, Monitors and Displays