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3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 1050
Santa Clara, California 95054 USA
888.899.9266 Phone


Superscape is a world leader in the development and implemention of applications based on the company's Interactive 3D (i3D) software technology for stand-alone and Internet-based applications. The company's recently launched SeV technology, designed specifically for the web, allows designers to integrate photorealistic interactive 3D objects with 2D components to deliver a rich media, e-business solution. Installation of SeV is seamless, the files sizes are extremely small (often smaller than the equivalent 2D image) and utilizing a unique 'windowless' mode, i3D content can be easily integrated with the overall site design. Superscape's i3D solutions have been delivered to companies in more than thirty countries worldwide and are used for a wide range of visualization applications, including e-commerce, training, data and product visualization, space planning and entertainment. Clients include Intel, Computer Associates, LEGO Media, Discovery Channel, Panasonic and Ford.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Architecture Applications
Industrial Design
Motion Capture Software
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Rendering and Modeling
VR Software
Web 3D
Web Graphics
Contract Graphics/Programming

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