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Steamboat Software, Inc.

Booth 1967

4456 Avocado Street
Los Angeles, California 90027 USA
+1.323.665.0454 Phone
+1.323.665.5273 Fax


Steamboat Software, Inc., head quartered in Los Angeles, California and established in 1998, develops software and offers consulting services for the creation of high end graphics for feature film, commercials and interactive game visual effects. This team of innovative and experienced software engineers and technical directors has great familiarity with the wide range of production issues faced by boutique graphics houses as well as large production studios. Steamboat has addressed the critical issue of industry rendering needs with its award winning software product, Jig, a high quality, production oriented 3D rendering software. Jig provides a comprehensive, yet inexpensive solution for rendering traditional geometry, photorealistic hair, volumes and particles. Although primarily developed on and for the Linux operating system, the software ports to SGI and NT platforms. Designed to be scalable, Jig performs as well on modest workstations as on large rendering clusters. Notable production companies have already proven Jig v1.0 to be robust and production ready: Digital Domain, Centropolis Effects, Dubbed Films, House of Moves, Sony Pictures Imageworks, The Walt Disney Company/TSL and Warner Bros. Animation.


3D Graphics
Rendering and Modeling
Visual Effects Software
Contract Graphics/Programming

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