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Solid Modeling Solutions

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17708 SE 40th Place
Bellevue, Washington 98008 USA
+1.206.463.1417 Phone
+1.413.683.6850 Fax


SMLib is an advanced geometry modeling kernel based on NURBS curves and surfaces combined with a fully functional non-manifold topological structure. SMLib architecture reflects the close strategic relationship of development teams working together to provide a complete geometry modeling solution. Key Benefits include NURBS constructions and manipulations, trimmed surface constructions and intersections, a pure non-manifold topology, implementation of a powerful merge operator for model construction, the Boolean operator for construction of solid models, advanced fillets and blends across complex solids and surfaces, a non-manifold sweeping method, shelling process using the merge operator to maintain the integrity of the offset of the solid, very precise mass properties, topology-based mesh generation for crack-free tessellations, IGES/STEP/VDAFS translation options, supplied as standard C++ source code, full unlimited Web, e-mail and phone support, support includes all upgrades, and attractive royalty-free licensing. Complete HTML-based documentation available for review under license agreement.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Business and Financial Graphics
Engineering Applications
Commercial Game Engines
Graphic Design Systems
Image Based Modeling
Medical Imaging Software
Rendering and Modeling
Web 3D

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