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Reachin Technologies AB

Booth 931

14205 SE 36th Street
Suite 100
Bellevue, Washington 98006 USA
+1.425.519.3780 Phone
+1.425.519.3781 Fax


Reachin Technologies is a provider of touch-enabled solutions. Reachin Core Technology represents a complete solution for multi-sensory application development that covers five main areas: Software, Hardware, Support, Training and Consulting. The Reachin Core Technology flagship product, Reachin API (formerly known as Magma), offers application developers a unique environment for developing co-located multi-sensory (haptic and graphic) applications. The Reachin API 3.0 is the most advanced haptic API on the market. Reachin API 3.0 features include a completely new optimised mesh renderer, 3D User Interface toolkit, basic soft-tissue simulation, proxy-layering and binary VRML support. Reachinīs unique natural computer interface, the Reachin Display, is the main focus of the Reachin Core Technology hardware solutions. The Reachin Display incorporates a force-feedback device into a stereo, co-located, work volume to provide users with the words first affordable desk-sized multi-sensory work environment that truly engages the senses. The Reachin Core Technology services, Support, Training and Consulting are designed to complement the Reachin API and Reachin Display by offering skills and knowledge in touch-enabled development to application developers. The Reachin API, with its familiar VRML-based scene graph and excellent documentation, has also proven to be an effective solution for universities and other institutions interested in integrating haptics into their curriculum.


3D Graphics
Authoring Software
Rendering and Modeling
VR Software
Haptic Input Devices
Monitors and Displays

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