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Pusterviksgatan 3-9, Box 4231
Göteborg, 402 35 SWEDEN
+46.31.755.6206 Phone


Opticore is one of the world’s premier graphics communication solutions provider. The company delivers the latest visual technology used for internal, business-to-business and business-to-consumer product communication. The core technology differentiator that Opticore possesses is the ability to leverage investments in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Industrial-Design (CAID) data already existing early in the product life cycle to produce believable, highly interactive, 3D digital products. This data can be web-enabled to quickly give access to anyone who needs to see and interact with it. For Design, Opticore’s users import existing math model data and create real-time, photo realistic digital prototypes for design reviews. This reduces the need for physical prototypes, shortens development time and increases communication between designers and management. Also, design intent can be authored and communicated across the enterprise. For engineering, Opticore’s solutions allow engineers to detect and solve problems earlier in the design cycle based on collaboration of believable, 3D product data. This technology will increase model acceptance time, reduce time-to-market and communicate engineering input throughout the enterprise. In manufacturing, Opticore will improve product quality and shorten training and ramp up time by displaying believable digital assembly and maintenance requirements. Presenting this data visually, breaks down the language barrier by showing step-by-step manufacturing processes that are real in appearance and understood by everyone. For Marketing, Opticore provides Sales & Marketing personnel with believable, interactive 3D product data that can be accessed early in the product development process. This “World Class” graphical information can be used for everything from eMarketing and Advertising campaign development to market research and displaying entire product lines digitally in a Virtual Showroom. Opticore AB initiated operations in Gothenburg, Sweden in August of 1998 and established Opticore, Inc, its US Headquarters in Troy, MI in September of 1998. Opticore software and consultative services can be purchased direct from the company and through one of its growing list of resellers worldwide. More information is available on the company’s Website (www.opticore.com) or by calling (877) OPTICORE.


3D Graphics
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Digital Imaging
Engineering Applications
Graphic Design Systems
Industrial Design
Motion Capture Software
Rendering and Modeling
VR Software
Web 3D