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Okino Computer Graphics, Inc.

Booth 1904

3397 American Drive, Unit 1
Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1T8 CANADA
+1.905.672.9328 Phone
+1.905.672.2706 Fax


Okino Computer Graphics has striven and proven to be an industry innovator and leader in cross platform 3D data translation, viewing and rendering software since 1988. Okino's PolyTrans a high fidelity and accurate 3D data translation, viewing, optimization and model manipulation system that provides complete implementations of the most popular 3D file formats. PolyTrans has long been the industry choice for professional 3D file format translation and is used throughout the world by thousands of notable companies. PolyTrans is an indispensable tool used for any task requiring manipulation, viewing or conversion of 3D models and scenes. Throughout the last decade we have provided innovative and leading solutions such as full animation conversion, integrated NURBS conversion, native plug-in systems for 3DS MAX and Maya and integral support for all major software packages. In 2001 Okino has begun its WEB initiative and will be releasing a series of new WEB streaming export converters including Viewpoint VET, RealityWave's XGL and Macromedia's Shockwave-3D formats. Along with these additions will include another round of Okino innovations for the data translation market including integrated polygon reduction, NURBS curve & spline shape support (with full cross conversion between curves & trimmed NURBS formats) and many new 3D file formats that have been under development of the last 2 years. Okino's NuGraf is our main software development system. It includes all components of PolyTrans, PolyTrans-for-3DSMAX and PolyTrans-for-Maya. In addition it includes multi-thread ray tracing, material editing, 2D bitmap & 3D procedural texture editing, interactive texture placement, font creation and a much deeper and extensive user interface. Okino has partnered with all major 3D vendors to provide complementary translation and rendering solutions. PolyTrans is recommended by such 3D industry leaders as Alias|Wavefront (Maya), SoftImage (XSI and 3D), Discreet (3DS MAX), Newtek (Lightwave), MAXON (Cinema-4D), MultiGen-Paradigm (Creator2) and most other 3D vendors that are supported directly or indirectly by the conversion modules in PolyTrans and NuGraf. Supported 3D formats include 3DS MAX (via native plug-ins), Maya/NT (native plug-ins), SoftImage-3D, Lightwave (5.6 and 6.5), 3DMF, ACIS SAT (solids), DirectX, DXF, Electric Image FACT, GameExchange2, IGES (full NURBS), Inventor2 (SGI), Lightscape, OpenFlight, OpenGL C/C++ code (highly optimized; vertex lists; display lists; tri-stripped), OpenNURBS, Protein Database (PDB), POV, Pro/E SLP, SolidWorks & SolidEdge (unique!), STL, Renderman RIB, Renderware/ActiveWorlds, trueSpace v2-v5, USGS DEM, Viewpoint VET (Metastream), VRML 1+2, Wavefront & XGL; see our WEB site (www.okino.com) for current list.


3D Graphics
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Architecture Applications
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Industrial Design
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Rendering and Modeling
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