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RealFlow --------------- RealFlow is the first and only fluid simulator that works in conjunction with the most popular 3D platforms. Its core consists of a new and extremely realistic physically based continuous-particle system. A team of physicists and dynamics engineers has been working on RealFlow for two years to bring this brand new technology to the world of CGI. Now the particles themselves can be considered a part of a global fluid that acts according to the viscosity, pressure and surface tension forces of neighbouring particles. RealFlow is a stand-alone application, fully OpenGL compliant that works with MAX, LightWave, SoftImage and Maya. Due to RealFlow's engine, you can simulate all kinds of fluids such as liquids, viscous and elastics bodies, gases and soft matter. Special features include the fastest metaball-based mesh generator on the market that allows you to generate the liquid surface and render it in your favorite 3D platform with an awesome sub-polygon material mixer. RealWave --------------- RealWave is mainly a high realistic simulator for calculating the global behavior of objects floating on a liquid as well as the effects caused on the surface such as wakes, waves, etc. Its robust engine considers the geometry directly to polygon level, this way you can leave free objects on the water (a ship, or just a piece of wood) and watch its real motion on the surface and the wakes that they produce. You also can import pre-animated objects and just produce wakes on the surface. The most awesome capability is that you can import objects with their own animated deformation into RealWave and combine them with their natural floating behavior (i.e. a swimmer). Its interactivity lets the user to add individual waves and change the surface conditions by means of a wave editor based on real-sea models. Now in RealWave 2 you can add particle spray and foam effects.


3D Graphics
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Engineering Applications
Medical Imaging Software
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Scientific Application
Visual Effects Software
Contract Graphics/Programming

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