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Accom, Inc.

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1490 O'Brien Drive
Menlo Park, California 94025 USA
+1.650.328.3818 Phone
+1.650.327.2511 Fax


WSD®/HD DIGITAL DISK RECORDER -- Accom's newest HIGH DEFINITION WSD®/HD Digital Disk Recorder. Developed by the people who invented the DDR and incorporating significant advances in storage and disk control technology, WSD/HD is designed for electronic film, graphics/effects, and editing applications in a networked, multi-user, multi-format environment. WSD/HD can record/play SD/601 digital as well as HD formats - including 24P - on a clip-by-clip basis. WSD/HD provides ultimate flexibility for work at any resolution. WINDOWS® MEDIA AND THE WSD®/HD --- In addition, Accom will demonstrate a turnkey solution supporting universal Windows Media Encoding of standard and high definition video formats for the professional marketplace. This allows production companies and studios to do reference quality encoding from high definition masters to Windows Media with resolutions up to 1920 by 1080, yielding the best results possible. This solution is based on Accom's WSD/HD digital disk recorder. The WSD/HD is capable of recording and playing standard definition as well as all the popular high definition video formats. In addition, it offers precise frame accurate control of video tape recorders for reliable capture of content. Inaccurate capture with missing frames is not an option for professionals. State of the art encoding schemes require multiple passes over the source content to achieve high quality images. The WSD/HD disks are directly accessible to the Windows Media Encoder allowing easy multi-pass encoding. WSD®/2XTREME™ VIDEO DISK ARRAY -- Invented by Accom, WSD® is the original desktop DDR, used by thousands worldwide in 2D/3D computer graphics and editing applications. WSD/2Xtreme provides integrated video I/O and uncompressed disk storage in a single system. WSD is the video bridge between computers and professional video tape recorders, providing automated solutions to digitize video into computers or record video from CG applications for professional use. With SGI, Mac, and NT connectivity and the broadest interface support in the greatest number of software applications today, WSD/2Xtreme is the best-selling video I/O device for computer graphics.


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Digital Video Hardware
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Multimedia Tools and Applications-HW
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