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Monday, 13 August

9 - 10 am Interactive Classroom
Character Animation
Mohammed Allababidi
Academy of Art College

Acting out shots and the process of doing it in Alias|Wavefront Maya through blocking, animating and layering animation, follow through, overlap, mel scripts, and moving holds. In the end, atttendees should have a good understanding of the principles of character animation, FK versus IK, joints, and hierarchy with concepts of grouping versus parenting.

9:30 - 10 am Breakout session on the Studio floor
3D Data Capture Overview
Dan Collins
Arizona State University

Osha Makai Smith
Arizona StateUniversity

An overview of 3D data-capture processes and demonstration of specific scanning devices in operation in the Studio.

10 - 11 am Interactive Classroom
Strange Pixels: The Life & Times of the Dot
Glenn Zucman
Artboy USA

A profusely illustrated talk on the 15-billion-year history of the dot in imaging. After a survey of the first 14,999,999,852 years of activity, the presentation focuses on the last 149 years of dot art and science. A hands on session follows from 11-noon.

11 - 11:30 am Rapid Prototyping Overview
(Breakout session on the Studio floor)
Elona Van Gent
Grand Valley State University

An overview of rapid-prototyping processes and explanation of RP systems in operation in the Studio.

11 am - noon Interactive Classroom
David Richard Nelson
Pixar Animation Studios

NURBS, polygons, and subdivision surface modeling in the Alias|Wavefront Maya environment. Topics include: modeling from scratch in the digital environment, building from scanned geometry for animation, and various parameterization and creation techniques. The emphasis is on animation output.

noon - 12:30 pm Interactive Classroom
Artist Talk: Archival Evolutionary Prints
Leslie Sobel

Leslie Sobel works from digital video to produce archival Epson prints using concepts from evolutionary computing to capture archetypal imagery. The subject matter for the images is highly transitory, but the resulting prints should last as long as current technology permits. She discusses both content and output.

12:30 - 1 pm Interactive Classroom
Artist Talk: Telomeres Project on Imminent Immortality and other Installations
Ellen Sandor

Ellen Sandor (founding artist and director of (art)n), TJ McLeish, Fernando Orellana, Pete Latrofa, Keith Miller, and Janine Fron discuss collaborative processes for making installations and commissioned works, including the Telomeres Project on Imminent Immortality (in the SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery) and the Battle of Midway Memorial for Chicago's Midway Airport. Topics include: the pervasive nature of artists working in electronic media today (artist as producer, artist as programmer, artist as curator, artist as director) and how the convergence and divergence of these roles informs our relationships with media and art history.

2 - 2:30 pm Breakout session on the Studio floor
B+W Printmaking with Piezography
Bill Bergh
Cone Editions Press, Ltd

The basic techniques for making black-and-white digital prints with Piezography BW.

2:30 - 3 pm Interactive Classroom
Lenticular Imaging
Raleigh Souther
Motion Graphix

The history and evolution of lenticular prints, which bend light to produce the illusion of 3D, morphing, or animation.

5 - 5:30 pm Interactive Classroom
Artist Talk: Dynamic Collage Layout
Andruid Kerne
Tufts University

CollageMachine, an information-visualization browser, alters the granularity of browsing. It downloads documents and decomposes them into media elements (images and chunks of text) that stream into a collage. As users rearrange the collage interactively, an agent models their interests.

5:30 - 6 pm Interactive Classroom
Artist Talk: Network Communicate Kaleidoscope
Kazushi Mukaiyama

In Network Communicate Kaleidoscope, a virtual space accessible via the Internet, people connect to a void world as "particles" and enjoy chatting and interacting with others. After they disconnect, their remnant particles interact with other particles to represent the activity of all who have ever connected in the virtual space. The project's theme is to explore and create beautiful images such as a kaleidoscope of "clustering fireflies," but images can be made by anonymous personalities beyond the artists. In this context, the user/joiner contributes to and knows the substance of the art.