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Welcome to the Animation section of The Studio, where animated ideas become reality. SIGGRAPH 2001 attendees of all skill levels are invited to sign up to use the latest off-the-shelf, commercial animation software to develop, create, or refine 2D and 3D ideas, concepts, and data into living, breathing animation. The general interface, workflow, and creation tools are covered in hands-on sessions in The Studio and in interactive tutorial presentations in The Studio Tutorial Theater throughout the week.

Interact with the experienced Studio staff to create animation of any style, using any available techniques to achieve them. If you are new to animation in the computer realm, our staff will assist with introduction to the concepts of modeling, texturing, lighting, and application of the basic principles of animation. Seasoned animators, technical directors, and other computer graphics professionals are also invited to participate in this unique, collaborative environment.

Each participant can go through the steps of generating key frame and procedural animation to bring their creatures, characters, props, and other scene elements to life. Scene optimization and rendering techniques are also discussed, to ensure efficient rendering for output to CD-ROM or flipbook.

Animation Procedures