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Conference Exhibition Call for Participation Exhibitors Media Search | Site Map

On-Set CG
Friday, 17 August
2:15 - 4 pm
Room 404

Session Chair
David "Grue" DeBry
Industrial Light + Magic

Real-Time Computer Graphics for Onset Visualization: "A.I." and "The Mummy Returns"
Seth Rosenthal
Industrial Light + Magic
3155 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael, California 94901 USA

Real-time camera tracking, real-time motion capture, and computer graphics were used to give film directors the ability to visualize 3D effects shots during production of "A.I." and "The Mummy Returns."

"2001: An MR-Space Odyssey:" Applying Mixed-Reality Technology to VFX in Filmmaking
Toshikazu Ohshima
Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory Inc.
6-145 Hanasaki-cho, Nishi-ku
Yokohama 220-0022 JAPAN

How mixed-reality technology can be applied to making visual effects in filmmaking. Actors and actresses, and the director and/or cinematographer can see the effects in real time in rehearsal.

An Integrated Solution to Camera Animation for Stage
Mathew Lamb
Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA

A fast, accurate, and production-hardened methodology for taking camera animation and generating the corresponding move on a motion-control stage.

Elmo's World: Digital Puppetry on "Sesame Street"
Emre Yilmaz
P.O. Box 460022
San Francisco, California 94146-0022 USA

The real-time digital puppetry process used to bring five furniture creatures to life for Sesame Street and how this process fit into the production.