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Rendering Nouveau
Thursday, 16 August
2:15 - 4 pm
Room 408

Session Chair
Maureen Nappi
New York University

Symplectic Ray Tracing: Ray Tracing With Hamiltonian Dynamics in Black-Hole Spacetime
Tetsu Satoh
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
8916-5 Takayama-cho
Ikoma, JAPAN

Symplectic ray tracing presents a new technique for visualizing curved black-hole spacetime. Efficient computation for CG based on the ray tracing is realized by using Hamilton's canonical equation with symplectic numerical analysis.

Colored-Paper Mosaic Rendering
Sang Hyun Seo
Chung-Ang University
221 HukSuk Dong , DongJak Gu
Seoul 156-756 SOUTH KOREA

In response to growing concern about non-photorealistic rendering, this sketch proposes a colored-paper mosaic-rendering technique that can automatically generate torn and tagged colored-paper mosaic effects.

Real-Time Stroke Textures
Bert Freudenberg
Institut für Simulation und Graphik
Postfach 4120
Magdeburg 39106 GERMANY

Shading in line drawings is expressed by varying stroke width or density of strokes. This new method can do it either way, introducing lighting-dependent surface detail to interactive NPR.