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Thursday, 16 August
2:15 - 4 pm
Room 406

Session Chair
Simon Allardice

Imaging the Living Computer: Neuroscience Methods in Visualizing the Performance of Parallel Programs
Daniel L. Herman
DigitalFish Films

Neuros is a system for graphical visualization of program executions on parallel computers. It consists of an extensible, configurable toolkit that provides still-frame and animated views of parallel tracefiles.

Mayhem: A New Trend for Virtual Environments (and Online Games)
Manuel Oliveira
University College London
Gower Street

This prototype massive online role-playing game uses new concepts and approaches from research to create a constantly evolving virtual environment that scales according to the number of users.

CONTIGRA: A High-Level XML-Based Approach to Interactive 3D Components
Raimund Dachselt
Dresden University of Technology
Lehrstuhl Multimediatechnik
Dresden 1062 GERMANY

A flexible 3D component architecture based on XML languages. Due to various abstraction levels and independence from specific 3D toolkits, it allows interdisciplinary development of 3D applications.

X3D Content Examples, Editing, Conformance Suite, and Software Development Kit (SDK) CDs
Don Brutzman
Naval Postgraduate School
Code UW/Br
Monterey, California 93943 USA

Content examples, editing, conformance suite, and software development kit (SDK) CDs for VRML 200x, extensible 3D (X3D) graphics.