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Download and Install Instructions

1. Download the NearSpace Palm Application.
1. You will be prompted to save a file named NearSpace.prc to your computer. Choose a location for this file on your local hard drive that's easy to find. The Palm Add-On folder is recommended.
2. Download the SIGGRAPH 2001 database.
3. You will be prompted to save a file named SIGGRAPH2001.pdb to your computer. Save this file to the same location to which you saved the NearSpace.prc file.
4. Open the Palm Install tool and click on the Add button, then browse to find and select both the NearSpace.prc and the SIGGRAPH2001.pdb files. When both files are listed in the Palm Install dialog, click on the Done button. Click on OK in the Install Tool dialog.
5. Put your Palm OS device in the HotSync cradle and press the HotSync button. The SIGGRAPH 2001 SmartGuide will be transferred to your Palm OS device.
Special Note About Beaming:
While the SIGGRAPH 2001 SmartGuide requires only 416K of free memory on your Palm OS device, additional free memory is required to receive the .prc and .pdb files via beaming. The total free memory required is listed below.
Palm OS version 3.5 or later: 416k of free memory is required.
Palm OS version prior to 3.5, 896k of free memory is required.
Basic System Requirements:
Handheld computers with Palm OS v3.1 or higher.
Supported Palm OS Devices:
Palm III, IIIe, IIIc, IIIx, IIIxe
Palm V, Vx
Palm VII, VIIx
Palm m500, m505
Palm m100
Handspring Visor
Handspring Visor Deluxe
Handspring Visor Edge
Sony Clié
Kyocera SmartPhone
A minimum of 234K of free RAM is required on your Palm OS device. If you have insufficient memory, check your handheld computer manual to learn how to free up more memory, or visit the Palm Computing or Handspring Web sites.
Palm HotSync Manager 3.0 or higher.