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Conference Exhibition Call for Participation Exhibitors Media Search | Site Map

Thursday,16 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
West Hall A

Gabriel Taubin
California Institute of Technology and IBM Research

Consistent Mesh Parameterization
Emil Praun
Princeton University

Wim Sweldens
Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs

Peter Schröder
California Institute of Technology

Curves and Surfaces, Mesh Generation, Morphing, Shape Blending

Approximate Boolean Operations on Free-Form Solids
Daniel Kristjansson
Henning Biermann
Danis Zorin
New York University

Computational Geometry, Curves and Surfaces, Geometric Modeling, Level of Detail Algorithms, Solid Modeling

Progressive Compression for Lossless Transmission of Triangle Meshes
Pierre Alliez
Mathieu Desbrun
University of Southern California

Compression Algorithms, Level of Detail Algorithms, Polygonal Mesh Reduction

Topology Matching for Fully Automatic Similarity Estimation of 3D Shapes
Masaki Hilaga
Yoshihisa Shinagawa
The University of Tokyo

Taku Kohmura
RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)

Toshiyasu L. Kunii
Hosei University

Computer Vision Shape Recognition