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Conference Exhibition Call for Participation Exhibitors Media Search | Site Map

Images and Image-Based Techniques
Friday,17 August
4:15 - 6 pm
West Hall A

Brian A. Barsky
University of California, Berkeley

Image-Based Motion Blur for Stop Motion Animation
Gabriel J. Brostow
Irfan Essa
Georgia Institute of Technology

Animation, Applications, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Image-Based Rendering, Object Tracking, Video

A Simple and Efficient Error-Diffusion Algorithm
Victor Ostromoukhov
Université de Montréal

Halftoning and Dithering

Simulating Decorative Mosaics
Alejo Hausner
University of Toronto

Computational Geometry, Frame Buffer Algorithms, Non-Realistic Rendering, Paint Systems, Scientific Visualization

Real-Time Hatching
Emil Praun
Matthew Webb
Adam Finkelstein
Princeton University

Hugues Hoppe
Microsoft Research

Animation Systems, Frame Buffer Algorithms, Nonrealistic Rendering, Texture Mapping