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Conference Exhibition Call for Participation Exhibitors Media Search | Site Map

Don Brutzman

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Preliminary online versions of several SIGGRAPH 2001 events are available here:
SIGGRAPH 2001 Online Interim Site
Please send comments on this continuing effort to archive major components of the annual SIGGRAPH conference to:

Mike Collins
Naval Postgraduate School (Student)

Allen Dutton
Naval Postgraduate School (Student)

Juan Gril
Yahoo Argentina

Barb Helfer
The Ohio State University

Mike Hunsberger
Naval Postgraduate School (Student)

Jerry Isdale
HRL Laboratories, LLC

Stephen Matsuba
Yumetech LLC

Shane Nicklaus
Naval Postgraduate School (Student)

Nick Polys
VirtuWorlds LLC

Kat Polys
VirtuWorlds LLC

Jeff Weekley

Program Coordinator
Katie Rylander
Capstone Solutions, Inc.