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42: Seeing in 3D
Tuesday, Full Day, 8:30 am - 5 pm
Room 515B

"Stand a cube on its corner. What is the shape of a horizontal cross-section taken at half the height of this object?" About four percent of human beings can reason about 3D space well enough to answer this question easily and confidently. For most of us, 3D problems lead to confusion or even panic. This course offers a series of exercises for thinking in 3D. The result: attendees can develop 3D thinking skills independently.

Familiarity with some basic geometric ideas, such as "two planes meet in a straight line." No serious math required.

Why we don't think in 3D. Optical illusions. Principles and examples of 3D thinking. Problems that are simpler in 3D. Applications: road safety. The consequences of 3D thinking.

Geoff Wyvill
University of Otago

Bob Parslow