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41: How to Give a Great SIGGRAPH Talk
Tuesday, Half Day, 1:30 - 5 pm
Room 515A

According to urban legend, opinion polls reveal that human beings fear public speaking more than death. One of the most demanding public-speaking environments is the annual SIGGRAPH conference, where audience expectations are dauntingly high. There are specific, practical ways to make public speaking less terrifying, and to create presentations that will satisfy even a SIGGRAPH audience. This course shows how to prepare and deliver a great talk that is appropriate for Papers, Panels, Courses, Sketches & Applications, or even the real world beyond SIGGRAPH.


Identifying your subject. Organizing your thoughts. Preparing a proposal. Creating great slides and notes. Getting permissions. Text and imagery. Creating course notes. File formats, fonts, graphics, and other production issues. Mental preparation for the talk. Physical aspects of performance (how to stand, move, breathe). How to begin and end. Effective use of two slide projectors. Using video. Giving demonstrations. What to do if you panic. Handling equipment malfunctions.

Charles Poynton

James F. Blinn
Microsoft Research

Andrew Glassner
Writer and Consultant

Barbara Morris

Charles Poynton