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36: From Ivory Tower to Silver Screen: Visual Effects Companies Reveal How Research and Development Finds its Way Into Production
Monday, Full Day, 8:30 am - 5 pm
West Hall B

At the local multiplex, we experience incredible images that make us cheer for the computer-generated hero, laugh when a pig converses with a dog, or cower at monsters that exist only as pixels. Those effects start in the minds of artists, scholars, programmers, and scientists who turn their work into images that manipulate space, animate extinct species, or make time stand still. In this course, presenters from six top visual effects companies discuss the many ways they used research to augment production of this year's major feature films, including "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "Monsters, Inc.," "Shrek," "Stuart Little 2," and "AI."

Some understanding of computer graphics and visual effects. Interest in visual effects production, film making, software development, research and development, and the production pipeline.

Production and R&D pipelines. Use of scientific research as a function separate from and integrated into production. Fur creation and dynamics. Researching and creating feathers and flight. Human perception as it applies to 3D stereoscopic images. Photomodeling and hair combing. Tracking, volumetrics, rendering, modeling, lighting, and other visual effects techniques.

Jill Smolin

Pam Hogarth
Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Jerome Chen
Rob Engle
Jay K. Redd

Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.

Bob Cook
John Gibson
Doug Roble

Digital Domain

Michael Fong
Mark Henne
Bill Polson

Pixar Animation Studios

Tony Hudson
Steve Sullivan

Industrial Light + Magic

John P. Lewis
The Secret Lab

Jonathan Gibbs
Bert Poole


Stuart Sumida
California State University at San Bernardino