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31: Computer Graphics for Large-Scale Immersive Theaters
Monday, Full Day, 8:30 am - 5 pm
Room 406

Large-scale video projection of immersive environments is revolutionizing planetaria and dome theaters worldwide. Using multiple edge-blended video projectors, these systems project ultra-wide-field-of-view, high-resolution images on dome screens. This course surveys large-scale immersive video systems offered by major manufacturers and showcases several new installations and their productions. Industry leaders provide a comprehensive look at both real-time and pre-rendered immersive video production techniques for entertainment and education applications.

General knowledge of basic computer graphics theory and practice, including perspective projection, modeling, rendering, and animation. Also helpful: general knowledge of video projection and visual display basics.

Immersive show production philosophy and spherical projection basics including edge-blended video projection. Production techniques: spherical rendering, cubic rendering, image stitching, spherical image mapping, real-time multi-pipe image generation, and group interactivity with real-time graphics systems.

Ed Lantz
Spitz, Inc.

Carter Emmart
American Museum of Natural History

Ed Lantz
Brad Thompson

Spitz, Inc.

Martin Ratcliffe
Exploration Place, Inc.

Ben Shedd
Princeton University and Shedd Productions, Inc.