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Web3D RoundUP is the annual high-speed shootout where the world's leading Web3D content developers and toolmakers demonstrate the latest Web3D technology and applications in a fast-paced, exciting format in front of a merciless, cheering audience. In this "interactive event for interactive content" over 30 presenters have only one-to-five minutes to win over the audience, all of whom have noisemakers to voice their approval or disapproval. To keep the event on track, the first few rows of attendees are armed with Ping-Pong ball guns for those who dare to go over time.
Web3D RoundUP presents the best the Web3D world has to offer in an informative and entertaining format to a technically discriminating audience. Web3D RoundUP organizers are always on the lookout for killer content to be wrangled up for the SIGGRAPH 2001 audience.
Visit the Web3D RoundUP website to submit your work.