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Pathfinders at SIGGRAPH 2001
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Do you remember your first SIGGRAPH conference? I do! It was my first day on a new job. I went to the office, grabbed my tickets, and flew off to Atlanta, to a convention called SIGGRAPH. I remember thinking on the plane: At least you know Atlanta, and you can find your way around the city. I had little confidence that I would recognize any of the people who had interviewed me amidst the 35,000 SIGGRAPH 88 attendees. Electronic Theater, Papers, Panels, Courses - all those words meant very little to me. They were just events. I could at least identify with the exhibition floor because I had been to other conventions where equipment was on display. But I had no understanding of the SIGGRAPH culture, conference hotels, or the "pin thing."
While years have come and gone, the number of new attendees at the annual SIGGRAPH conference has not diminished. But the size and breadth of the event has increased steadily. Now, it isn't just the first timers who have that overwhelmed feeling. There is now so much to do and see that it's hard to fit everything in without careful planning. In order to help newcomers and veterans alike make the most of their week at SIGGRAPH 2001, we need your help in either of the following ways:
  1. During the conference, donate an hour or two of your time to mentor attendees. The mentoring can be scheduled at your convenience, so your time at the conference is not affected.

  3. Prior to the conference, translate written text into another language.
Your time and knowledge will be greatly appreciated.