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Imagine a world where 3D persists.
Where all of the cool content of the annual SIGGRAPH conference is available during the other 51 weeks of the year.
Imagine being the first person in history to experience every SIGGRAPH paper, panel, and course. Or just going back and seeing that killer session you missed.
Our goal for SIGGRAPH 2001 is to put as much of the conference program online as possible. Live and archived, streamed and served. Papers. Interactive and animated 3D graphics. Video, audio, images, and transcripts. Panels, art, emerging technology, interviews, even demos.
Preparation is crucial to this effort. We're looking to build a team of people who want to capture the SIGGRAPH dream, live and in color. This is both a technology challenge and a people challenge. What technologies work best? How big do the servers and pipes need to be? How will we post and push video? Who captures the stories at the conference for the Web site? Who captures the speakers' new slides before they leave the stage? How do we effectively invite and integrate remote participation? How do we convey the artists' intent and the inventors' intensity?
We succeed by making these challenges easy, not hard. Contributors, participants, and newcomers in the graphics community will all benefit from the team's efforts.
This is also an opportunity for companies that want to visibly support the public emergence of 3D graphics. Hardware donors for servers, video encoders, and top-end Web/3D production computers are needed. Donor equipment will receive recognition in accordance with ACM SIGGRAPH donor recognition policy.
Interested? Help SIGGRAPH 2001 break out of the box. Let's transition interactive 3D graphics from merely 100,000 SIGGRAPH fanatics to everyone, anywhere, anytime. We're looking for a talented group of volunteer Web designers, copywriters, photographers, and audio/video/network geeks to make this all happen. We'll have people in every program area to ensure that their content is captured and persists. Join the team!