Electronic Presentations:
Make Your Presentation Directly From the Computer This Year

Over the course of the past several years, many contributors and attendees have noticed that the slide projectors have been getting dim, almost as if the lamps were getting old and needed replacement. The fact is, the slide projectors are as bright as they ever were, but the new video/data projectors continue to get brighter each year. Not only are they brighter, but they are also providing higher resolution images, as high as 1280 X 1024 pixels.

Slide presentations have, in the past, been predominantly based in traditional film media. It is, after all, a graphics conference, and contributors have always wanted to present the best examples of their work. The film medium offers very high resolution and lots of presentation choices in screen sizes, projector placement, and simplicity. The primary disadvantages of film slides are in the production lab costs and the inability to change the presentation without more trips to the film lab.

Electronic presentations, in contrast, used to be dark, grainy, low-resolution images with fixed focal length lenses which required a technician hours to set up. With the new projector technologies available at SIGGRAPH 2000, you should consider presenting directly from the computer this year.

Presentation Technology Available at SIGGRAPH 2000
The session rooms at SIGGRAPH 2000 will have PCs and Macs loaded with fast processors, loads of RAM, connectivity and removable media choices. These will be interfaced to video/data projectors far brighter than the brightest available Xenon slide projectors. All the rooms will be capable of supporting up to 1280 X 1024 native resolution. The largest rooms will offer the option of projecting traditional film slides through the video projectors to take advantage of the improved brightness. If your presentation looks good on your monitor, it will look good on the SIGGRAPH 2000 data projection screens.

Please note: There has been a change from previous years and you will be charged a fee for each slide produced.

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