SIGGRAPH 2000 will insure all equipment brought into the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCC) for use during the conference if we receive complete prior notification of your equipment according to the following guidelines. Note: Unfortunately, every conference experiences some theft. While SIGGRAPH does provide security at the Center, you should exercise standard precautions in securing equipment (especially small, mobile items) at all times while at the convention center.

Equipment that should be insured includes the following:

  • Any equipment shipped or brought by you to the MCC for use in your presentation or installation onsite.
  • Any equipment that you have arranged to be donated for use in your presentation or installation.

SIGGRAPH 2000 will insure the equipment from the time it is accepted by Freeman Decorating and/or enters the MCC to the time it leaves the MCC as long as receipt and outbound shipping occurs while the MCC is occupied by SIGGRAPH 2000. SIGGRAPH 2000 does not insure equipment in transit to or from the conference.

In order for SIGGRAPH 2000 to insure your equipment, you must complete an insurance form for each class of equipment. Please refer to the Insurance>Forms section of the Educators Presenter Notebook for blank forms, completed sample forms, and information on where to send your completed forms. Your form(s) must include the following information:

  • Program Area
  • Contributor contact information
  • Name of presentation or installation
  • Description of equipment
  • Number of items
  • Model and model # (Note: You do not need to provide serial numbers.)
  • Replacement value
  • Signatures

Certificates of Insurance
If you require a certificate of insurance, please indicate that request on the form.

Filing a Claim
In the event it becomes necessary to file a claim for equipment damaged or missing from SIGGRAPH 2000, you must:

  • Notify your Program Chair and the Exhibition Management office (Hall-Erickson, Inc.) immediately. Hall-Erickson will contact building security.
  • Work with your Program Chair and the Exhibition Management office (Hall-Erickson, Inc.) to obtain a police report while at the MCC.
  • Forward the following documentation to your Program Chair:
    1. Copy of the police report
    2. Copy of the original purchase receipt
    3. Copy of a replacement quote from a vendor or manufacturer

The Program Chair will forward this claim documentation to Conference Administration who will review and record your claim. It will then be sent to the insurance representative at ACM for processing.

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