Information for Participation in DVD Submissions

Congratulations on the acceptance to SIGGRAPH 2000. Here is the step-by-step process of paperwork and deadlines that you should follow in order for your work to appear in the Conference Proceedings DVD. The DVD will include Papers, Images, Videos, Presentations and URL's.

You are already on the way to participating in the Conference Proceedings DVD in that the PDF file of your paper as well as any of your additional images submitted for the Conference Proceedings CD are being forwarded for the DVD. In addition, your videos are being encoded into uncompressed AVI files for the Conference Proceedings Video and then trans-coded in MPEG2 files for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings DVD.

The DVD will also include PowerPoint Presentation Files and URL's pointing to author web sites where more current information, such as updated PowerPoint Presentation Files, may reside.

You will need to complete two forms:

The Online DVD Information Form - for retrieving presentation files and URL's
The ACM DVD Copyright Form - for limited rights release for Presentation files

After you complete the Online Information Form, please print it. After you print the ACM DVD Copyright Form, please sign it and mail both forms to Robert McDermott at the address below. We need to have a printed copy of the forms with your signature on the copyright release forms in order to include your work on the Conference Proceedings DVD.

Your forms must arrive at the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA by Monday, June 12, 2000 for your work to appear in the DVD proceedings. We will expect your files to be available to be transferred on June 23, 2000.

Thank you for contributing your work.

Robert McDermott
University of Utah

Please send your completed & signed forms to:

     Robert McDermott
     155 South 1452 East, Room 405
     CHPC, University of Utah
     Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 USA
     +1.801.585.5366 fax

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