Publication Information - Due by 6 March 2000

The Conference Abstracts and Applications (CAA), a four-color catalog and accompanying CD-ROM, documents work accepted to the SIGGRAPH 2000 Educators Program, sigKIDS, Community Outreach, Panels, Emerging Technologies, and Sketches & Applications programs. To include your information in these publications, it is your responsibility to provide materials in a timely and orderly manner.

Panels will be documented using the originally submitted short description, followed by each panelist's position statement and short biography. Not to exceed 3 pages per panel. One page is approximately 600 words or 400 words with two images. Name, affiliation, and email address will be the only contact information printed.

Accepted panelists will be contacted and asked to verify their copy for the CAA. If you have not received email from the Contributor Coordinator, Carrie Ewert, one to two days after receiving your acceptance letter, please contact her immediately at Or you may submit your copy using the following guidelines.

Please email your text as an ASCII attachment or within the body of an email to Text will be reformatted and checked for general spelling errors.

Limit of one image per panelist. Images will only be used if they meet the following requirements:

  • 35mm slides; they provide our best opportunity to accurately reproduce your visual content. Please label the top front of each slide.
  • Digital images are acceptable if you adhere to the following formats: At least 300 dpi at 4" by 5", Pixel resolution of at least 1200 x 1500, TIFF or EPS formats, no compression, MAC or PC platforms. Make sure to provide brief captions for your images.
  • Images may be placed on a zip, jaz, or CD-ROM and sent to the following address or you may contact Carrie for ftp information:

    Carrie Ewert
    SIGGRAPH 2000 Contributor Coordinator
    5475 Mark Dabling Blvd, Suite 108
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA

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