Macintosh and PC Slide Templates

The slide templates for presentations at SIGGRAPH 2000 can be downloaded from this page.
These templates were created in Microsoft PowerPoint and are available in PC and Macintosh versions. Various file formats of the logo are also included, so you can use your choice of presentation software and/or design your own slides. There are also HTML templates designed for Web browser presentations. Use the HTML archives to create a presentation to be used with your Web browser.
The files are in compressed archive form: standard Zip, StuffIt, and RAR. Self-extracting files are also available. These are slightly larger but do not require that you have the decompression utilities installed on your computer. You should be able to double-click the archive to extract the templates and image files.
Download the appropriate file for your platform by clicking on the links below:

For PC:
Zip Archive of PowerPoint, GIF, JPG, and TIF files
Self-extracting Zip archive of PC files
For Macintosh:
StuffIt archive of PowerPoint, GIF, JPEG and TIFF files
Self-extracting StuffIt archive of Macintosh files
For Web Browsers:
RAR archive of files for HTML document
Zip archive of files for HTML document
Self-extracting Zip archive of HTML files
The templates are also available on diskette for presenters who have difficulty downloading them. To request the appropriate disk for your platform, please contact:
Steve Overby
SIGGRAPH 2000 Speaker Prep Coordinator
AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
PO Box 684846
Austin, Texas 78768-4846 USA
+1.512.371.0214 fax
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