Important Hotel Information for SIGGRAPH 2000.

Hotel reservations will be available beginning 1 March 2000. Please make your reservation as soon as possible after that date. When you make your reservation early, you have the best chance of reserving a room in your first-choice hotel.

Hotel reservations can be made online through the SIGGRAPH 2000 Web site, or you can call the SIGGRAPH 2000 travel coordinators at 800.631.5557 (Continental U.S. and Canada) or +1.312.527.7300 (from all other countries).

If your work is accepted by a SIGGRAPH 2000 program, you will receive a Contributor Housing Change Form in your registration packet. You can use your Contributor Housing Change Form to request a different hotel if you did not get a room in one of your preferred hotels earlier. Every effort will be made to move you to one of your preferred hotels.

Please do not rely on your Contributor Housing Change Form to make your hotel reservation. Reserve your room as soon as possible after 1 March 2000 to make sure that you get a room in your preferred hotel.

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