Course Presenters: How to Complete an Expense Report

Expense Report (Excel) Name At the top, fill in payee's name, address, Course name and number, and destination.
Expense Report (PDF) Purpose Describe the purpose of the trip (Course presenter).
Travel Policy Travel Dates The top portion of the report refers to expenses incurred while traveling for SIGGRAPH 2000. Fill in the dates for the two days you incurred expenses across the page next to the Travel Dates heading. These dates should be in chronological order.
  Expense Amounts Fill in the amount of the expenses you incurred each day, by category. Please refer to the Travel Policy for guidelines.
  Subtotals If you are using the Excel form, totals for the expense category row will automatically be calculated in the far right column. Subtotals for each expense column will automatically be calculated in the Subtotal cells.
  Operating Expenses The second portion of expenses are operating expenses to be applied against the allowable Course Organizer Fees ($600). If applicable, fill in the amount of the expenses you have incurred by category using the same procedure as the travel expenses above. If you are using the Excel form, Subtotals will be calculated at the bottom for both your travel and operating expenses.
  Receipts ACM policy requires that you attach original receipts for all expenses to your expense report. If any receipts are missing, note this in the Explanation of Expenses portion of the expense report form.
  Approval Anselmo Lastra, Courses Chair, must approve all expenses for the Courses subcommittee and Course presenters.
  Signature Remember to sign your expense report. Keep a copy of the report and receipts for your file.

Send to:
c/o Courses Program Coordinator
5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard
Suite 108
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

  Process Capstone will verify the expense reports to be sure receipts are included and the expenses are within ACM guidelines, then fax it to Anselmo Lastra, Courses Chair, for approval. Note: ALL COURSE PRESENTER EXPENSE REPORTS MUST BE APPROVED BY ANSELMO LASTRA. Anselmo will indicate approval by signing the expense report return it by fax to Capstone. Capstone will then issue a check and send it to the Course presenter.
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