File Formats

As mentioned before, the notes for your course or tutorial are prepared from the electronic material you deliver to Stephen Spencer.

This electronic material can take many forms:

     - Adobe Acrobat PDF documents
     - PostScript files
     - still images
     - QuickTime or MPEG animations
     - ASCII text files, for source code
     - HTML presentations

In general, what has been done in the past is that the notes themselves are created from one or more PDF or PostScript files, put together in a certain, organizer-defined order, and the resulting single file is used for the printed and electronic versions of the notes. In addition to that file (which will be an Adobe Acrobat PDF document), supplemental material, such as still images, QuickTime or MPEG animations, HTML presentations, etc., will be included on the CD-ROM.

The PDF or PostScript files you deliver to Stephen Spencer can be created from almost any application: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, TeX, etc.. You don't need to create Adobe Acrobat PDF documents from the PostScript files if you don't have the ability to create them -- delivering the PostScript files is fine.

If your primary course or tutorial presentation is an series of HTML documents, please convert them to a series of PostScript files before delivering them, and provide clear instructions as to the order in which they should be processed.

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