Example Email

Hello, Stephen.

Please retrieve the file:




Unzip it, and you'll find two more "zip" files: sigprint.zip and sigcdrom.zip

Printed Notes: the PostScript files for printing the course notes are in "sigprint.zip". There are three PostScript files which make up the printed notes, and they should be used in this order:
    frontmat.ps    Title page, Schedule, Table of Contents
    slides.ps        Slides (printed two-up) for the course
    sources.ps    Source code for inclusion at the end

CD-ROM: The file "sigcdrom.zip" contains the material for the electronic version of the course's notes. Unzip it, and you will find three directories and one file:
    readme.txt      Details the contents of the three directories.

Please include the processed file containing the printed course notes on the CD-ROM, if at all possible.


Joe Smith
SIGGRAPH 98 Course #23

Your course or tutorial's notes may take more processing than this one, or may be differently organized, or may be much simpler ("Use this single PDF document for the printed and electronic versions of my tutorial's notes, please.") -- the point is that you need to supply clear instructions for the processing of the electronic files you deliver to us.

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