Congratulations on your acceptance to Courses from the CAL committee! High quality submissions like yours are what makes SIGGRAPH what it is!

If you've already indicated that you'd like to participate in the Creative Applications Lab, thank you! Your involvement in the CAL will not only make your submission more valuable to your audience, but will enrich the SIGGRAPH experience for everyone! Your next steps are to proceed to the URL below, sign and mail the submission and authorization form, and either upload or send your submitted materials.

If you haven't chosen to participate in the Creative Applications Lab, it's still not too late! By providing demo software, images, animations, or examples in the CAL, you will enhance your Course for those who are interested in your topic. By holding a breakout session in the CAL, you'll have a chance to have an interactive session with your students, getting into the details of things that you may not have time for in your Course. Hopefully, we've convinced you! If so, please go to the URL below, and contribute to the CAL!

Once again congratulations and have a great SIGGRAPH 2000!

Rob Lembree

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