Important Installation Information

SIGGRAPH Provides:
  * with complete specification of contributor requirements (i.e. The Contributor Input Data Form completed by 24 March 2000.)

  1. Installation Space
  2. Carpeting and decorated environment
  3. Electricity
      Note: Electrical power in a convention center is always subject to fluctuations. We strongly recommend you bring an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or line conditioner for any power-sensitive computer or A/V equipment you plan to use on site at SIGGRAPH 99.
  4. Furnishings (tables, chairs, scaffolding, etc.) - venue design and furnishing styles are at the discretion of the program chair.
  5. Descriptive Signage
  6. Rigging / Lighting
  7. Networking connection to the conference GraphicsNet and Internet
  8. 8.Equipment Insurance on site at the conference
  9. Security
  10. Documentation
  11. Conference Access

Contributor Responsibilities:

  1. Installation Space Design and Traffic Flow consideration
  2. Providing All Equipment Required to operate the installation (including A/V and computers which can be rented from SIGGRAPH 99 contractors)
  3. Equipment Shipping and Insurance to/from conference
  4. Sufficient Staffing to cover the conference week
  5. Travel, housing, and substinence for installation staff
  6. Any optional services or conveniences such as a telephone line, computer rental, A/V rental
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