Meet the sigKIDS Tech Team!

The sigKIDS Online tech team is comprised entirely of students from Benjamin Franklin High School. Each member is skilled in various aspects of the digital industry and work as a whole to create and maintain the online website and to produce segments for SIGGRAPH TV (STV). As stated in the first aired video clip, sigKIDS Online serve as "the eyes and ears for those young people unable to attend the conference."

The individual members of the sigKIDS Online tech team are:

Leslie Becker

Leslie was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She just recently graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans and has fallen in love with the idea of working behind the scenes in film/television production. She is an extremely outgoing person with great ambition to strive in the industry. She believes that SIGGRAPH is a great way for me to get her foot in the door.

Kristina Bennett

Kristina is another recent graduate from Ben Franklin. She is experienced in video communications and has taken two years of Television Production at Franklin. She also works with Leslie to penetrate the "inside-un-official" social scene of the conference.

Luisito Caleon

Luisito graduated from the infamous Ben Franklin HS in New Orleans, LA. He serves as the writing editor for the website and on-camera personality for the STV segments. Luisito writes and assists others with writing the daily reports posted online at the sigNEWZ page. Known as the school's mascot, the Falcon, he gained notoriety from this kick-butt split he did that caused massive groups of people to cringe. He will be attending the University of Texas at Austin in the fall and will be majoring in computer science.

Adham Hussein

Adham graduated from Ben Franklin. He aspires to become a video game designer for Nintendo of America. He has taken a variety of classes in order to prepare him for a successful career. These classes include Television Productions 2, Computer Science 2, and Pre-Calculus. He has also taken several art classes and is classified as TAV (talented in visual arts). Television classes have taught him skills in the areas of digital editing, film, and cinematography. He will be attending the University of New Orleans in the Fall of 2000.

Adam Newhouse

Adam graduated from Ben Franklin. He enjoys taking pictures with his digital camera and maintaining his webpage. For three or four years now, he has written the source code for and maintained "The Cheetah's Den." Adam works proficiently with HTML and recovering improperly illuminated digital photographs. He created the Giveaway Page

Bianca Rey

Bianca finished her sophomore year at Ben Franklin and is working on attaining her GED. She is experienced with HTML and has dabbled with computer graphics. Just recently she has been using Maya, Ulead Cool3D, and Poser. This summer she hopes to make enough connections to become a graphic artist for a movie production company.

Nikki Slaughter

Nikki is a Ben Franklin graduate. She serves as our graphic designer/artist. Much of her artwork is used for our site design and logo. Our official t-shirt design also features our mascot Yuki-chan, a cyber-elf, who she first drew using pencil and then digitally colored using Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 and her beloved WACOM tablet. She will be attending Boston University in the Fall of 2000 and will major in Graphic Design and Japanese (there's a unique combination for you). She hopes to do work in Japan sometime after college.

Jinger Roy

Jinger films and edits much of the streaming video used for our STV segments. She was technical director for Franklin's drama club and has done work for 8 shows with Mr. Werner. She also produces all of the audio used for sigKIDS Online using Sonic Foundry Acid Style.

Jerome Bradley

Jerome finished his sophomore year at Franklin. He completed the Microsoft Software Engineer class taught this previous year. He will be Franklin's new webmaster.

Gerrelda Ferrand

Gerrelda graduated from Franklin this year. She assists Jinger with video editing and audio creation. She appears on the video clip of day two of STV in the Art Gallery. She will be attending Wofford College in South Carolina in the Fall of 2000.

Paul Werner

Mr. Werner has extensive experience in television and computers. He was chief writer in a local TV show entitled, "Morgus Presents." He has been teaching television production for over 25 years. He attained his masters degree from the University of New Orleans.

Colleen Fiegel

Ms. Fiegel has been teaching biology at Franklin for 7 years. She was awarded the Presidential Award for Math and Science Teaching. She incorporates much of the latest technology in her teaching methods. She's been a big help to the sigKIDS team.

Erica Hornung

Erica completed her undergraduate degree in architecture at Georgia Tech. She then received her Master of Arts degree in Film from Georgia State University. She has done extensive freelance work in television and hopes to work a film company by the end of the summer.


Marc Barr

Mr. Barr is the sigKIDS Committee Chair. He has been affiliated with SIGGRAPH since 1992. He began work with sigKIDS in 1998. He teaches animation and compositing at Middle Tennessee State University.