Overview: The RVV is an interactive remote vehicle with realtime video feedback to the operator.


This radio/video operated vehicle can be used in exploring dangerous environment and or just for fun. This project is an exploration of existing technologies and what can be done if it is taken to a different level.


The RVV is an handsfree motion controlled vehicle. The operator controls the vehicle via video feedback through stereoscopic glasses and a head tracking system mounted on it and connected to a desktop computer. The vehicle itself is an out of the box product with a micro camera and a transmitter on board which sends the wireless video images to the operator. This project is an example of what you can do with simple in the market technologies and an adventurous mind.

Credits: Gevel Marrero (conceptual designer), MFA student at Pratt Institute Luis Marrero (implementation of java application), BS student at Northeastern University William Sayer (Graphic Designer/lab techie), MFA student at Pratt Institute Pratt Institute, Equipment sponsor.