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Urban Girls Get a Handle on Computer Graphics

Written by: Bianca Rey

Calling all girls!!! The computer science industry desperately wants you! Mary Flanagan, a digital artist, writer, and pioneer knows it. After recognizing the gender gap in this industry Flanagan founded techArts. Techarts is a new community-action project based in Buffalo, NY, which was created in the hopes of getting young girls interested in the computer industry. Some of the activities include using the internet, playing games, and creating computer graphics.

This talk detailed some of the trials and tribulations of the project's pilot, and eventually of its implementation. Of course one of the major problems of the program was lack of equipment and funding. Each month a guest speaker comes and answers questions, and assists the girls. Fortunately, through volunteering and donations the program has been successful thus far.

As all of you SIGGRAPH attendees know there are few women in the industry. Hopefully with the efforts of people like Mary Flanagan the playing-field will be leveled.


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