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Painting Together Across the World

Written by Jerome Bradley

Net Painting is a feature within the computer graphics program, Corel Painter 6.0. It has been featured in the program for quite some time, but it is rearly known about or used. Net Painting is designed to allow two or more users to collaboratively paint on the net. The speaker, Jeremy Sutton, put on a a live presentation of Net Painter in which he and students from Anderson High School collaboratively painted together. Jeremy showed some very nice examples of what can be made with Net Painting.

Unfortunately, Net Painting cannot be done simultaneously, but has to be done while taking turns. The connection is a very easy one to set up, and all that really needs to be known is the IP address of the computer that is being connected with.

Although Net Painter is rarely used, it turned out to be very interesting and proved to be useful in any school's art curriculum. Net Painting can be educational, empowering and fun. It encourages students to focus on the creativity of using a computer. There were many questions asked and few complaints.


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