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Fundamentals Seminar

reported by: Jerome Bradley and Jinger Roy

The Fundamentals Seminar focused basically on three points: the applications of computer graphics, graphics system software, and graphics system hardware. The seminar provided much information regarding the three topics that gave a good foundation to anyone willing to pursue a career or interest in graphics hardware or software.

The Computer graphics application section of the program focused on the many ways that computer graphics are used in real life situations. There were many interesting things that were mentioned in the seminar. One very interesting thing that was mentioned was that graphics can be used to make synthetic actors in place of extras in movies like the Titanic.

The graphics software section of the seminar focused on the algorithmic softwares used to make 3-D models and animations. Many interesting techniques used to manipulate the software were highlighted in the seminar. One interesting modeling technique was the use of fractals to make 3-D images. The use of statistical data (like fractals) to create 3-D images was heavily focused on in the seminar.

The graphics hardware section of the seminar focused on the science of the human eye and the hardware that we used to better view computer graphics. Video drivers were highlighted heavily during the hardware section of the seminar and were looked into in great detail.

Overall, the Fundamentals Seminar was a wonderful experience and was a great place to learn more about how computer graphics are created, manipulated, and how they are viewed by the public.


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