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Written by Nikki Slaughter

Japanese animation and comics (also known as anime and manga) are extremely popular in Japan. Their popularity is slowly, but surely growing in other countries around the world, including the United States.

The Japanese have always focused on portraying feeling and action in their art rather than realism, therefore their work has a more 2-dimensional look as opposed to the 3-dimensional art in the West.

In order to keep with the digital age, but also preserve the traditional Japanese art style, computer animators, software developers, and researchers have developed ways to incorporate current 3D technology into 2D animation.

Truly mind-blowing video clips were shown from animated works such as Tekkon Kinkreet, My Neighbors the Yamadas (Tonari no Yamada-kun / となりの山田くん), and the Pokemon (ポケット モンスター) movies.


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